• Guidance with specific regulations concerning the import and export of certain hazardous chemicals under PIC (Source: ECHA)
  • Waiver information sheet (Source: ECHA)
  • Fact sheet about the request of a RIN number (Source: ECHA)
  • Video regarding the role of ECHA under the new PIC Regulation (Source: ECHA):

  • European database regarding chemicals subject to PIC, notifications of import / export,  explicit consents / waivers and the designated national authorities (Source: ECHA)
  • Websites:
    • Import and export of hazardous chemical products (Source: DG Environment, FPS HFCSE)
    • Requirements of the PIC Regulation for exporters (Source: DG Environment, FPS HFCSE)
    • Access to the PC Circulars (Source: ECHA)


In case you have complex questions about your obligations under PIC, then you can always consult the helpdesk of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).