From 1 September 2015, any supplier of an active substance has to be included in a list of approved suppliers of active substances.

  • Application procedure
  • Form 'Supporting_document_inclusion_article_95_list' (in attachment; this can be uploaded in R4BP 3)

If you only have access to a complete EU active substance dossier, please use the template in attachment ( 'Template_letter_of_access_article_95').

If you wish to make corrections to this list, please use the web form of ECHA and the supporting document in attachment ('Supporting_document_correction_article_95_list').

The templates in attachment ('Templates_compliance_article_95') could be used by an authorisation holder or supplier of an active substance to prove that he/she meets the requirements of Article 95.

For more information, please contact the ECHA helpdesk.