!!! THIS IS THE NATIONAL TRANSITIONAL PROCEDURE ACCORDING TO THE BELGIAN RD ON BIOCIDAL PRODUCTS !!! Look at the European procedure when the active substances are approved at European level.

From January 2018 on, a request for national authorisation has to be introduced at the latest 1 year BEFORE the date of approval defined at EU level! A request for national authorization for an identical product must be submitted no later than 3 months BEFORE the date of approval defined at EU level! Any application submitted after the deadline will be rejected.

To submit an application for authorisation, you should use the electronic application 'Application Form Generator' (AFG) and pay a fee of € 1,000.

Questions about the electronic application? Mail to info.gestautor@health.fgov.be.

You also have to submit an electronic application for the authorisation of an identical product, for renewals and prolongations, for the modification of the composition, the labeling, the use, the trade name, the company name, the durability, etc. Please look in the options menu by the opening of the 'Application Form Generator' which option applies to you. Please check the attached overview table for the fee amounts that are associated with these types of applications.


  • Information regarding submitting the dossier and administrative management
  • Please note the requirements of Article 95 of the Biocidal Products Regulation concerning suppliers of active substances (Dutch / French)
  • Information regarding the processing time of your dossier
  • Information regarding the payment of the fee
  • Information regarding the annual contribution of sales volume
  • Information regarding the approval number that has to appear on your label
  • You have to install Java before you can use the 'Application Form Generator'
  • Information regarding the closed circuit