• User manual on IUCLID 6
  • Migration guide regarding the migration of data from IUCLID 5 to IUCLID 6
  • Manual: How to prepare a classification and labelling notification
  • Manual: How to prepare a request for use of an alternative chemical name for a substance in a mixture
  • Webinar about the transition from IUCLID 5.6 to IUCLID 6
  • Videotutorials about IUCLID 6
  • Webinar about IUCLID 6 for advanced users
  • Webinar about IUCLID 6 version 1.2
  • Webinar about IUCLID 6 version 1.3

Further support regarding IUCLID can be found on the websites of IUCLID 5 and IUCLID 6.

For more information, please contact also the ECHA helpdesk.